From traditional to contemporary -

how to transform craftsmanship?




Benchmark with Project Oasis, Switzerland

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at Tu Taller Design

Medellín, Colombia


The Lina Chair is a solid and stackable chair for different environments. Its' shape and construction is adapted to a product family.

The chair is built from local wood and metal pipes with a colour painted finish. The product family is produced by craftsmen in Medellín.

Main Challenges: Stackability, Cost efficient production, Weight

LINA | Product Family by Tu Taller Design. Ongoing project.

Teamwork with David del Valle & Maria Adelaida Cuartas

Participation: Research, sketching, idea generation, design modification, 3D modelling, renderings, 1:6 mockup constructions, feedback with engineer and manufacturer

Rendering Surrounding: Mauricio Lopera

Copyright all Projects: Tu Taller Design, Medellín, Colombia

Participation in shown projects ESTERILLA table, ALORI night table and KONKRETUS outdoor furniture:

Solidworks modelling and Keyshot rendering.


at FHNW Academy of Art and Design


From traditional to contemporary - how to transform craftsmanship?

metal casting lost-form aluminium diy product design
lasercutting slicer for fusion 360 wickerwork craft tradition flechten handwerk prototyping prototype diy product design process
solidworks SW 3D printing 3D-Druck ceramics keramik procelain porzellan structure double-wall swiss handwerk prototyping prototype product industrial design process

We harmoniously connect the art of craftsmanship and digital manufacturing processes. The combination allows for previously unknown forms and functions to emerge. Digital manufacturing techniques support the design process, make it more flexible and efficient. 

Such an application resulted in three products: a nutcracker cast in aluminium, using a 3D-printed master mould for making the form; a wicker hanging lamp with a laser-cut framework and laser-sintered clamping mechanism that can be adjusted in height; and, a 3D printed double-wall insulated porcelain carafe.

FUTURECRAFT – The connection of tradition and digitalisation. Bachelor thesis project 2018. 

Teamwork with Joel Hügli

- Awarded 1st place for the AMATIN design promotion award

- Published in the Swiss design magazine Wohnrevue

- Nominated by «Innovation Basel»

- Exhibited at Salone del Mobile, Design Fair in Milan 2019



manufactured in lost-form aluminium casting.


The traditional metal casting technology combined with CAD modelling and FDM 3D printing processes allows the efficient development and production of prototypes and small series. The nutcracker combines form and function possibilities in a harmonious way.


Hey, my name is David. I'm a product designer and certified furniture maker from Switzerland. 

I'm passionate about sustainable product design and locally manufactured products. Let's get in touch!


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